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Drone-Ardeche is  society established in 2014 and based in the Rhône-Alpes region, precisely in Ardèche. We work don’t work only in Ardèche, but in all Rhône-Alpes area like Drôme, Isère, Haute Savoie, Rhone, Lyon, Avignon, Grenoble and Paris for name a few.

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experts en prise de vue aérienne par drone

We are specialized in all drone (or UAV) exploitation, mainly for all audiovisual applications: television, cinema, corporate film. We work also for many other domains, like civil works inspection, follow-up the site, aerial photography.

Our team network is composed by only experts of each parts of our work to answer the all your need that’s why we are able to manage a projet from the beginning to the delivery.

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Pilot: our pilots are highly qualified and can justify many hours of pilotage in all different kinds of flying conditions, from the easier to the most extreme.

Cameraman: it’s our main job and the drone pilot and cameraman are inseparable, Drone Ardèche never skip the duo of this two experts. Of their complicity depend the quality of the result.

Director (option): from a famous cinema school, he will supervise all the parts of your film.

We are specialist in aerial photography and video.

Our valors? Quality, proximity, reactivity and creativity.

We propose you to check together all you need for integrate all our experience and our expertise.

Our main goal is to satisfy you.