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Drone-Ardeche is  society established in 2014 and based in the Rhône-Alpes region, precisely in Ardèche for the first Team. We have Agencies in Valence, Lyon, near Paris, and Geneva. We work in France and Switzerland for professionals.

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UAV industry in France has always been one step ahead. For more than a decade professional French UAV pilots had time to sharpen their skills despite a particularly strict set of regulations. Drone Ardèche, one of national’s most rewarded drone flying company is operating all over Europe being missioned for professional tasks as diverse as commercials production and photogrammetry picture shots. With a perfectly bilingual English/French UAV pilot being an accomplished member of the Drone Ardèche Team, we can provide you with our expertise and top of the line hardware anywhere in France. Our full understanding of UAV operations legal rules enables us to assure our clients that missions are carried out with complete confidence.

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With over 10 years of successful projects having been realized for our clients all over Europe, we have learned that good communication skills are mandatory to achieve our best. Being able to fully understand our client’s expectations is key to producing broadcast quality footage and conduct any other type of complex mission. Our experienced pilot/cameraman is perfectly bilingual and fully available for all kinds of flights all over France. He is a particularly present in the South-East region and in the Lyon area. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting with our specialist who will in turn take all the preparatory steps to make his mission a success.

4 Agencies in France, 1 Agency in Switzerland

  • Aubenas (07)
  • Valence (26)
  • Lyon (69)
  • Paris (75)
  • Geneva (Switzerland)

Top of the line hardware for missions of exception

Drone Ardèche has been operating professional civilian drones since 2014. All our UAVs are registered at DGAC and are insured for 1.6 million euros. This is the mandatory condition for being authorized to evolve in the whole French airspace. We do renew our whole fleet of UAVs every year in order to stay atop a fast-improving set of pro hardware. We are mainly operating professional DJI Inspire UAVs which are equipped with DJI X5S and DJI X7 cameras. For high-grade cinema quality we use our RED-Scarlet. For aerial and ground static photoshoots we are exploiting the full ability range of our Canon 5DsR.

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For very high-quality productions we can team up with Heliteam. This Montpellier-based helicopter company provide use with Robinson R22 Beta II and Ecureuil AS350 choppers. We can use them to swiftly transport filming teams or to take aerial stabilized photoshoots or shoot 8K video recordings at altitudes up to several hundred meters.

But our real force resides in the fact to be one of the only 4 French companies to possess Alta 6 and Alta 8 UAVs. They are mainly used to benefit of all the top of the line abilities of our 8K RED Monstro 6. Its unique features enable our international clients to benefit from 8K 2.4:1 at up to 75 frames per second (fps) capacities, or 8K Full Format at 60 fps with a sensor size of 40.96 mm x 21.60 mm.

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Drone Ardèche is very well known for the quality of its work. We are committed to deliver the best pictures as soon as possible. Every mission is carefully prepared in order to operate swiftly following a well-sequenced scenario. No matter what is the subject of our filming contract the Drone Ardèche Team is always well-prepared upstream, so the client’s budget is respected and as optimized as can be. We are committed to deliver the best footage, respecting the client’s planning, and for the best bang for the buck.

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Even if our work includes engineering measurements, commercials filming and aerial photography for land development, our Team is very well known for the quality of its images taken during sport events. Because of our great expertise in filming very dynamic scenes, and because of the quality of our aerial and ground props, Drone Ardèche Team can take the best pictures and record the highest quality and stabilized video footage that can be for a car race. We have been hired by leaders in the World Rally Championship to get the best of these highly emotional venues which indeed are filmed in very strict security conditions.

French UAV regulations are evolving, as professionals we take care of all authorizations

Real UAV missions should only be led by confirmed professional as amateur pilots, even equipped with expensive drones, do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to fly in total security. The French DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) has strengthen its regulations. Since the first of July 2018 all pilots flying drones in a professional setting must attend microlight planes (ULM) theorical exam and they also must attend UAV-specific training modules. Practical exams must be taken in order to prove the tele pilot’s ability to prepare and operate their UAV in normal as well as in abnormal flight conditions.

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Concerning aerial exclusion zones, the IGN (Institut Géographique National) has published a dedicated map which limits should be scrupulously respected. The law provides for a maximum fine of 1.000 euros and 6 months in prison for anybody having an UAV, by clumsiness or negligence, flying over any zone qualified as sensitive. In case of recidivism the penalty is one year in prison.

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